Art Recreations

Mixed Media, Dimensions Variable, 2008-2013

This series consists of recreations of seminal works of art. While the works in my Bootleg series were intended as "bad" copies, in this series I try to follow the original artists' processes as closely as possible. I am particularly interested in works of Conceptual Art from the 60's and 70's where the artists were challenging traditional ideas of authorship, but I have also recreated more recent works that address similar concerns like Richard Prince's Cowboy photographs and Damien Hirst's spot paintings. The original artists attempted to remove traces of their "hand" from these works (indeed, many were not fabricated by the artists and/or vary in appearance each time they are installed), so there is often little difference between the "authentic" works and my reproductions. More information on many of these pieces can be found in The Rematerialization Of The Art Object, an artist's book / exhibtion catalog from 2012.

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John Baldessari
Mel Bochner
Daniel Buren
Damien Hirst
On Kawara
Sol LeWitt
Richard Prince
Charles Ray
Ed Ruscha
Andy Warhol
Lawrence Weiner
The Xeroxed Book