Daniel Buren Recreations

Acrylic on Striped Fabric, 45 x 45" each, 2009

In 1965, Daniel Buren chose the 8.7 cm vertical stripe as his signature motif. Buren initially created his paintings on striped awning fabric, painting the outermost stripes white. Buren's stripe paintings have been created in many different sizes, but the width of the stripes (and the alternation between white and a single color) remain constant. In 1967, Buren asked fellow artists Olivier Mosset and Niele Toroni to create "Buren" paintings for an exhibition in Paris, and shortly therafter extended the invitation to copy his paintings to "anyone" during an exhibition in Lugano. Buren wrote, "anyone can make it [my painting] and claim it.  It is outside of me – by me but also by . . . anybody else.”

Original Work

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