Arcs Circles & Grids
(after Sol LeWitt)

Perfect Bound Book, 7.5 x 7.5", 208 pages, 2011

This is my version of Sol Lewitt's 1972 book Arcs Circles & Grids. The book features drawings of every possible combination of arcs (from the corners and the midpoints of sides), circles, and grids -- a total of 195 permutations. Many of these combinations provided the basis for LeWitt's Wall Drawings (I have also made my own versions of several: Wall Drawing 99, Wall Drawing 106, Wall Drawing 138, Wall Drawing 140, and Wall Drawing 180). Because my book is slightly smaller than LeWitt's (7.5" square vs. 8"), the arcs, circles, and grids intersect in different places (much as the same Wall Drawings will look different when installed on walls of varying dimensions). Thus, although they might appear identical, my drawing of "Arcs from one corner and two opposite sides" is completely different than the one in the original book.

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