Ed Ruscha Recreations

Ed Ruscha is well-known as a painter, but I am more interested in his books from the 60's and 70's. Like many of the artists I have copied, Ruscha attempted to remove traces of his "hand" from these works. The photographs in Some Los Angeles Apartments (1965) and Real Estate Opportunities (1970) were modeled after the anonymous photographs found in real estate listings. Stains (1969) is a portfolio of 76 stains (motor oil, blood, mustard, etc.) selected by Ruscha but fabricated by assistants. Every copy of Stains contains the same substances, but each stain is unique.

My versions of Ruscha's books are produced in a format identical to the originals. For Real Estate Opportunities and Some Los Angeles Apartments, I photographed the same locations as Ruscha, but approximately 40 years later. Records contains photographs of every album in the original book, but they are LPs that I collected. Stains contains the same materials as Ruscha's work, although the exact brands of leather dye or oil paint could not always be obtained in 2009 and the stains are, obviously, "younger" than the orignals.

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Real Estate Opportunities, 2009
Records, 2011
Some Los Angeles Apartments, 2009
Stains, 2009
Stained, 2012

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