Lawrence Weiner Recreations

Lawrence Weiner famously wrote of his work:

The artist may construct the piece;
the piece may be fabricated;
the piece need not be built.

Weiner presented his works as ideas and left the decision about whether or not to "fabricate" the works to the collector or institution exhibiting them. I have recreated Weiner's works both as language (text on the wall or floor) and as physically "built" works.

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A Cup of Seawater Poured Upon the Floor, 2010
Concrete Poured Until It Sets Itself Above The Ground, 2009
One Pint Gloss White Lacquer Poured Directly on the Floor and Allowed to Dry, 2008
One Quart Exterior Green Industrial Enamel Thrown On a Brick Wall, 2008-09

Two Minutes of Spray Paint Directly on the Floor From a Standard Aerosol Spray Can, 2009

The Xeroxed Book, 2010

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