Whitney Museum Stickers

Vinyl Labels, 11 7/8 x 53 7/8", Edition of 200, 2007

Detail of One Sticker
In 2007, I was invited by the Whitney Museum to participate in their Initial Public Offerings (IPO) program. For this program, the musuem gives artists a small budget to create a multiple in an edition of 200. The artist also gives a public lecture at the museum, and the first 200 attendees receive a copy of the multiple.
Full Sheet of Stickers
For my multiple, I created imitations of the stickers that serve as admission tickets to the Whitney. The museum prints the month and day on each sticker, so I created a print including a sticker for each day of the year (excluding New Years Day and Christmas Day, when the museum is closed). This allows the owner to visit the museum free of charge anytime, as long as he/she is willing to "damage" the print by removing a sticker.