Hand-Embroidered Designer Shirts

Mixed Media, Dimensions Variable, 2005

The Hand-Embroidered "Designer" Shirts are inexpensive generic shirts I embroidered with the logo of a well-known sportswear brand. From a distance the shirts are convincing, but looking closely it is obvious that my embroidery skill is a bit cruder than that of a computer-driven embroidery machine. I was interested in the play between the value of the original designer shirt and a garment of arguably lower quality that had been hand embroidered by an artist.

In October 2006, I began receiving correspondence from a Park Avenue law firm demanding that I remove the "Infringing Shirts" from my web site and, "cease any and all future uses of the ... Trademarks, including the sale of the Infringing Shirts," as well as descriptions of the trademark and references to the owner of the trademark. Accordingly, you'll have to use your imagination.