Spot Paintings

(after Damien Hirst)

Household Gloss on Canvas, dimensions variable, 2012

The "spot paintings" are among Damien Hirst's most well-known works. The paintings are painted by Hirst's assistants, not by Hirst, himself (who says his assistants do a better job). The spots are painted in gloss enamel and evenly-spaced on white backgrounds, no color may repeat on a single canvas. In 2012 Hirst exhibited his spot paintings at all eight worldwide branches of Gagosian Gallery. Despite being titled "The Complete Spot Paintings", these exhibitions included fewer than half of the more than 1400 spot paintings Hirst has produced.

My spot paintings follow Hirst's model, but are not copies of pre-existing spot paintings. Like Hirst's paintings, they have not been painted by Damien Hirst. Without seeing the signature on the back of the canvas, it is difficult to distinguish one of my paintings from one of Hirst's.

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